“Child’s Right to Education”: A Skit

[This skit was supposed to be performed as part of an intra-college skit performance on the Foundation Day of Kurseong College (North Bengal University), Darjeeling, in 2006. The students in the English department were supposed to develop a script. When that did not materialize, it was suggested that I try to come up with a working script. Since I was absent the day it was performed, I was spared the embarrassment of watching the students struggle with this amateurish effort. The song at the end of the script is taken from Scorpions’, “Wind of Change,” Album: Crazy World (1990). I am grateful to the students for suggesting certain changes to make it more workable.

In a positive development, the Government of India has recently (April 2010) passed Right to Education Act that guarantees free and compulsory education for all children between the age group of 6 and 14, thus fulfilling a constitutional obligation.

My apologies in advance if it sounds overly sentimental and  moralistic. I have consciously tried to avoid a tone of moralism.

Anyone wishing to perform this skit must acknowledge its source properly.]


A Professor sitting in his study, holding his head in his hands, is on the verge of desperation, trying to write a skit to be performed by his students. The skit competition is being organized by an NGO working on “Child’s Right to Education.”

Few books are piled up on the table and a writing pad in front of him. He lights a cigarette.

The first and last speeches in the skit are in the form of a monologue; the professor’s thoughts will have to be narrated as a voice-over by another person in the background.

Professor: (Voice-over) Oh! What a lot of mess. Tomorrow I have got to give this script to my students for the skit competition. How do I start? I know there are other colleges taking part in the competition. My script has got to be different. Looks like  others will harp on the exploitation of little children. Their hardships, their struggle. No, I will not sentimentalize this. I will be different. Let me have three-four children working as cobbler, tea-stall vendor, and laborer in a factory. Suppose they come and sleep in the same place at the end of the day. Let me try to imagine what they must be talking about…it’s difficult when both the partners work. Who will look after the house? Moreover, who will look after our two-year old daughter? This girl was working in our house for so long. Suddenly her parents took her away. Someone else was offering them more money. Even we were paying her around Rs.500/- every month. And all the food she guzzled on. These people are so selfish. They are so ungrateful. My elder daughter comes back from school at three o’clock when none of us are at home. At least this girl used to give her food and play with her until we got back home from work. Now, I have to look for another girl. My wife doesn’t want a grown up woman. She feels the house isn’t safe because they bring in all kinds of people when we are not home…I have got to finish the script today itself. We will rehearse over next two days. Idea! What about having this little boy sell channa outside the school gate during Tiffin hours? He must be wondering how these kids earn their livelihood when they spend almost the whole day in school…Let me have some coffee. I will ask mali to get me some. Ramu, Ramu…

Ramu: (From inside) Aaya, babu.

Professor: Ramu, get me some coffee.

Ramu: Ji, babu. (Prepares to go.)

Professor: Arre, Ramu, you have a daughter. How old is she?

Ramu: Babu, she is just eight. She is going to school. Kyun babu?

Professor: School! What’s she going to school for? Bring her here. You know the girl who was working in my house left. I need somebody to look after my two year old daughter. Moreover, your daughter can play with my elder one when she comes back from school. She will get good food. She can sleep in the kitchen.

Ramu: Lekin babu?

Professor: Now, don’t irritate me. Bring your daughter tomorrow. I have got to finish this script. Get me some coffee.

Ramu: Ji, babu. (He goes.)

Professor: (Voice-over) Now I can finish the script in peace…It will surely  appeal if I can capture the thoughts of this little kid selling channa outside the school-gate. He must also be longing to go to school and see what happens inside those rooms. What about ending the skit with this song (to be sung as a chorus in the background):

“Take me to the magic of the moment

On a glory night

Where the children of tomorrow dream away

In the wind of change…”

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89 Responses to “Child’s Right to Education”: A Skit

  1. Neha Sharma says:

    dis a very common situation faced by us..
    very well thought and executed….
    three cheers …….

  2. saurya says:

    nice and touching skit

  3. KAMAD says:

    a nice one.

  4. Niharika Saikia says:

    good skit, it helped me a lot…thnx…!!!!

  5. Aditi Malhotra says:

    Very nice

  6. muskan says:

    thanks i will present this in my school

  7. nancy says:


  8. nancy says:

    send reply

  9. Hi Nancy, thanks for reading. You have been pretty persistent for a reply…great!!

  10. shreya says:

    nice one touched by it dude!!!!! we need to improve it

  11. samip says:

    thanks i will perform it in my school with some modification as i need 3 charectors

  12. ayesha says:

    very nice but if this iz in urdu then its much better

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    go back the choose?.I am trying to to find
    issues to enhance my site!I assume its adequate to use some of your concepts!!

  14. I am not sure what concepts you are looking for. But please go ahead and use them if you find anything useful on my site.

  15. Niharika Butt says:

    Hi your skit is very nice. I also want to have a page like I have made many skits. Please tell me how to have a page. your skit is very nice. Once I had a Meena Raju munch most of the ideas i took from this skit. please make make more skits like this.

  16. Niharika says:

    Hi your skit is very nice. I also want to have a page like I have made many skits. Please tell me how to have a page. your skit is very nice. Once I had a Meena Raju munch most of the ideas i took from this skit. please make make more skits like this.

  17. Niharika says:

    Hi your skit is very nice. I also want to have a page like how you have. I have made many skits. Please tell me how to have a page. Your skit is very nice. Once I had a Meena Raju munch most of the ideas i took from this skit. please make make more skits like this.

  18. Niharika says:

    send a reply

  19. maria says:

    very nice i used for my school

  20. Niharika says:


  21. Hello Niharika (Butt??), good to hear from you. I WRITE skit but I don’t MAKE them. Sorry about that. I mean I have no ready-made recipe to MAKE a skit. I am happy you liked it. Well, if you have written many skits and want to publish them online, you may set up a blog and upload them online. Go to wordpress.com and follow the instructions to set up a blog. Once you have uploaded your skits on your blog, do send me the link. I would love to read them. Have a great day!

  22. Niharika Dsouza says:

    thankyou very much for the in iformation

  23. Niharika Dsouza says:


  24. Arshiya says:

    Amazingly done, i was just waiting to see more eyeopening content in there. Very good and well done but small.

  25. Niharika Dsouza says:

    Hello Mosarrap H Khan I am the same Niharika Dsouza who asked you for the information. My father has a page in that i poasted my skit it is advice for roydl. Do visit it bye have a nice time.

  26. Hi you must have gone to the wrong page just mail me on niharikadsouzadd@gmail.com

  27. niharikadsouzadd says:

    Characters ……………
    Father –
    Mother –
    Elder Sister (Nikita)-
    Elder Brother (Kartik)-
    Younger Sister (Ankita)-
    Younger Brother (Kunal)-

    Scene – 1
    Narrator- In our Indian society a girl child is considered to be less equal to a boy child. A first born should always be a boy. If it is a girl the father get anger and try to get the girl out of his way and tries not to speak to her. Once the girl gets the married the father is happy.
    Narrator- Father Calls softly from outside.
    Father- Kunal, Kartik come hear quickly. I got some good news for you’ll.
    Kunal- What is the good news father?
    Father- The good news is that we are getting your administration form for school.
    Kartik-Father, didi and Ankita also have to go to school. Why are you only telling this to us?
    Father- Kartik talk softly so that Nikita and Ankita do not hear what we are saying. Girls and elder children do not need to go to school .They have to take care of you and Kunal and help mother .They should not go to school and are not allowed to go to school.

    Kartik and Kunal- Oh! That is why you were calling so softly when we were playing.
    Kartik-(telling Kunal) Keep this a secret do not let them both know.
    Narrator-Nikita and Ankita were hiding and listening.
    Nikita – (Telling Ankita. Almost in tears.)Father is so mean he does not think about us.
    Ankita-Lets go and tell mother about this.
    Narrator-Ankita and Nikita go to mother who is working in the kitchen. They tell mother everything.
    Mother – So this is your papa’s plan. Wait a bit, let them leave and we will go and get admission for you both.
    Narrator-Nikita and Ankita catch each other’s hand and jump for joy.
    Ankita and Nikita – Mother you’re so nice. We love you.
    Mummy – (Mummy smiles and says.)I only want to see you both happy. I do not want to disappoint you.
    Narrator- A few minutes after Father, Kartik and Kunal left. Mother, Ankita and Nikita too left.
    Narrator-On the school ground they bumped into each other, when Father, Kartik and Kunal were caught by surprise.
    Father, Kartik and Kunal -What are you’ll doing here?
    Mother – We are to take administration for these two girls and by the way what are you doing here.
    Father- W……………………e……………..came……….

    Narrator -Kartik pulls father aside.
    Kartik- Do not tell mother otherwise we will get caught.
    Father – You’re right.
    Narrator -The three of them stand straight and start walking.
    Narrator -Mother pulls the father a side.

    Father-But how do you know?
    Mother –My 2 girls told me. Any way I will talk to you as soon as I get home.
    Narrator-They walked away leaving the three angry.
    Kartik-Father why did you not tell mummy now look what happened.
    Narrator-They go and take their admission.
    Narrator-At home mother and father start fighting. The children watch their parents.
    Father- why did you go without telling me?
    Mother- First you tell me why did you go without telling me.
    Father-Because if I tell you would say we should send the girls.
    Mother-Yes shouldn’t they too get a chance to go to school? Now stop fighting.
    Father – Where am I fighting YOU are fighting.
    Mother- Ok I am fighting but I tell you GIRLS are as good as boys and girls and boys should be treated equally.
    Father-No boys are better than girls and they should not be treated equally.
    Mother – Ok, whoever is better let it be. Now we will have a challenge. Let’s see who does well in life after a span of 12 years of education. I am very sure my girls will make me proud.
    Narrator- The father accepted the challenge thinking he will win. While on the other hand the children were upset with what had happened at home.
    Scene -4
    Narrator- 12 years have passed and the children have grown up.
    (Everybody sits on the bench for a chat.)
    Kartik- Papa I do not want to study. I want to become a director and work in the films.
    Kunal- I also want to work in the films and sing and dance.
    Nikita – Mother I and Ankita want to become lawyers and support girl children.
    Mummy – See our girls are no lesser than our boys and are doing well in life this is because we treated them equally and gave them an opportunity to learn. They now will be capable of taking care of themselves. They will not be dependent on others .I am proud of all my 4 children.
    Ankita and Nikita – Thank you mother for all that you have done. We love our brothers and are happy to see them excel in their work too.
    Narrator-Kartik and Kunal were proud of their sisters. They were delighted that their sister to had studied and were doing well.
    Father -I am sorry that I did not think it necessary to educate our daughters. I am proud of you girls.
    Narrator-The parents are now proud and happy for their children
    Narrator-Now you all see that girls and boys should be treated equally. So from now on are you going to save a girl child?

  28. niharikadsouzadd says:

    this one of my skits just read it

    • Dhruv says:

      Nice one! but why will the father be happy after the girl’s marriage?In India they do not want a girl child as they have to organize and pay money to the groom’s family.

  29. Hi Niharika, this is excellent!! Only the beginning was a little absurd. I mean how could a father go to school secretly with his two sons for admission? After all, won’t the boys have to go to school everyday from home? Mother and daughter would definitely know about it. I would rather suggest, bring scene 3 right at the beginning and let the father openly tell the mother that he doesn’t want the daughters to study. In that case, if you choose poorer/lower class parents, this situation would appear certainly more credible because in a poor family education for boys is still a priority.

    But it’s an excellent idea. Thank you for posting it here. Good luck!!

  30. niharikadsouzadd says:

    i will now send a other one

  31. niharikadsouzadd says:

    Skit on the birth of Jesus
    1. Angel –
    2. Joseph-
    3. Mary-
    4. Herod –
    5. Teacher –
    6. Chief priest-
    7. Servant-
    8. 1st Wise men-
    9. 2nd Wise men–
    10. 3rd Wise men-
    11. Narrator-
    12. Woman –
    13. Inn keeper-


    Narrator- This is a skit about the story of the birth of Jesus. Would you like to know more about this great event in history, then join us to a little town in Galilee? There lived a simple man named Joseph to whom the angel appeared in a dream.

    Angel: Joseph, do not be afraid to take Mary to be your wife. She has conceived be the power of the Holy Spirit and will give birth to the son of God. You will name him Jesus he will save the world form their sin.

    Joseph- I will obey the will of God and take Mary to be my wife.

    Narrator-At that time the emperor Quirinus had ordered every Jew to register himself in his home town. So Joseph took Mary his wife and went to register from Nazareth in Galilee to Bethlehem in Judaea .While they were in Bethlehem it was time for Mary to give birth. They began to look for a place to live in.

    Joseph- Can we have a room to spend the night. My wife is going to have a baby.

    Inn keeper-No we have no room in the inn.

    Joseph- Can we have a room to spend the night. My wife is going to have a baby.

    Woman- I have no place in my house but I have stable which you can use.

    Joseph- Mary shall we stay in the stable.
    Narrator-the woman leads Mary and Joseph to the stable.
    Woman –You can stay over here.

    Narrator-That night Mary gave birth to her son, wrapped him in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger
    Narrator – Mean while let’s see what is happening in Herod’s Palace. 3 wise men have followed a star and come to Jerusalem in search of a new born king.
    Narrator- Servant goes to call Herod.
    Herod- Why did you wake me up in the middle of the night one cannot sleep peacefully?
    Servant- Sorry sir to wake you up in the middle of the night. But 3 wise men have come from far and want to worship the new born king.
    Herod- Was I born yesterday that they have come to worship a new born king.
    Servant- Sir you were not born yesterday but somebody else must have been born in the palace.
    Herod – But no born was born yesterday.
    Servant- Sir somebody must have born yesterday and their parents must have not informed you.
    Herod- Nobody will do that everybody listens to me and obeys ‘my law. If somebody was born yesterday they would have informed me now tell them to come in.
    Servant – Sir but who should come in.
    Herod – You fool you only told me that there were 3 wise men.
    (The servant goes to the wise men)
    Servant- the king has told you to come in.
    3 wise men – Thank you good servant. Sorry for disturbing you so late in the night.
    Servant- Its ok no problem.

    Herod: Why have you come here?
    1st wise man: We saw a new star in the east that means a new king is born. We have now lost the star.
    2nd wise man: Where is this new born king? We have come to worship him.
    Herod: Go and make a careful search for that child and when you find him let me know so that I too may go and worship him.
    Narrator: After left they found the star and are heading to it .Then Herod called the Chief priest and Teachers of the law of Moses
    Herod: Hey! Where is the new king going to be born?
    Chief priest: In the town of Bethlehem in Judaea.
    Herod: (in tension) O no! I do not want that king to rule over my kingdom after my death I want my son to rule my kingdom.
    Teacher: What can we do king.
    Herod: I must surely think of something. Otherwise that king will rule over me and my family.
    Chief priest $ Teacher – O! King we shall surly think of something.
    Herod- (in a very excited mood) Thank you. Please think fast. Quick! Quick!
    Chief priest $ Teacher-King please do not get excited so much otherwise we will not be able to think.
    Narrator- By now the wise men reached the star and offered their gifts to Jesus.
    (Sing we three kings)
    Narrator- After they had worshipped Jesus the star led them back to their own country by a new way. The new way is symbolic of changed people. That having met Jesus the wise men returned home as different and changed people.
    All – We are called to meet Jesus this Christmas we pray that like the wise men we to may be changed people.

  32. This is very good, Niharika!! Really loved it. You should possibly set up a blog and post your skits there. Keep up writing nice skits!

  33. aayush says:

    very good thoughts

  34. aayush says:

    nice skits

  35. pranjali says:

    Veryyy nice skit…now I can do my homework….

  36. shana says:

    wow niharika you are rellay written very very good skit please write one more on girls

  37. oscar lambe says:

    i think it is very good. why is it called a skit? oscar lambe

  38. rajat says:


  39. aditi says:

    wwwwwwwwwwworsttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ssssssssssskkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………………….

  40. Thankyou everybody for your comments go to niharikadsouzadd.wordpress.com

  41. LALU says:


  42. muneer.k says:

    it’s very nice..

  43. 9627759757 says:

    This is very good, Niharika!! Really loved it. You should possibly set up a blog and post your skits there. Keep up writing nice skits!

  44. Mohd Sabir Tyagi says:

    Niharika!! Really loved it. You should possibly set up a blog and post your skits there. Keep up writing nice skits!This is very good,

  45. surbhi singh says:

    nice………………. 😛

  46. rishi says:

    pura bekar script cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. dharmik says:

    give more story of chlids rigt to education

  48. dharmik says:

    nice sript but so long and few skripts

  49. Anjali gaud says:


  50. shivani says:

    Very nice

  51. apshar rizwan says:

    Sir plzz mail me script @ apsharrizwan@gmail.com

  52. pryanshi says:

    touch the heart…

  53. Ibrahim says:

    nice scripts of drama,it is very useful for me . for others i don’t know.

  54. It is very nce skript i used it for my school work

  55. syed Raheem says:

    A very good heart touching story

  56. syed Raheem says:


  57. Nawed says:

    Please mail me the script at nawed2611@gmail.com

  58. Sathiya says:

    Hi could you please mail me the entire script.

  59. krishna khanna says:

    Hey my name is krishna and i m a school stundent and i need a skit on 3 topics
    First one is any type of discrimination skit u can give me and pls write the topic
    2one is Save girl child
    3one is child labour
    Pls give me and send it to me on this mail- krishna.khanan47@gmail.com
    And also upload on this site

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