New York City Diary – IV (Aborted Romance)

turtle-dovesThis morning I came back home early. Right after the morning lecture for which I work as a Teaching Assistant, I decided to head home instead of spending the rest of the day either in the TA office or in the library.  I entered home to a strange sound, the source of which I couldn’t locate immediately. It sounded almost like moaning. It is not unusual to hear the passionate sound of amorous love-making from the next apartments. As the rooms are divided by insulated plywood walls, sound carries across apartments with ease. It was a year back when every night we were treated to loud moaning from the apartment sharing a wall with ours. It was pretty disturbing, to say the least! 

As I dropped the school bag and approached the study table, I found a dove sitting outside the window on the AC and cooing. In a few minutes, it was joined by another dove. As I stood near the window watching them, I could see one of them looking at me very apprehensively. I decided to sit down on the sofa from where I could see only the upper part of their bodies. One (my guess it must be the female one trying to attract the attention of her male companion) of them was still cooing. Soon they were pecking each other. It started as a mere peck but ended with serious kissing, as one of them inserted the beak into another’s mouth. I was amazed to see how similar their mating process was to that of humans.

As I kept on stealing glances in order to guess where all this would lead to, they seemed to become very conscious. The male one kept on looking at me with nervous eyes. And soon they took off! What started as a passionate foreplay and could have ended on robust mating fizzled out with my intrusion. Since I don’t return home at this hour of the day, they must have been meeting here for a while. Unfortunately, my untimely presence disrupted their romance today.

The whole episode made explicit for me: how even birds seek privacy during their moments of intimacy!

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2 Responses to New York City Diary – IV (Aborted Romance)

  1. Sumit says:

    This izz funny! You bad man! You invaded their privacy!

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