Amateur Fashion Photography in London (London Diary 3)

I have never done photography seriously before, let alone fashion photography. However, I have always been fascinated by the art of photography and have always wanted to learn the art and craft of capturing stunning visuals.

This summer of 2013, I attended the Summer Dissertation Writing Workshop in London, organized by New York University London (NYUL). During the workshop, I happened to share my office with a Catalan (whose name I wouldn’t like to disclose here).

She was a tall and elegant woman with a beautiful smile and expressive eyes. Always, impeccably and fashionably dressed. Moreover, she appeared to be extremely photogenic. I decided to capture a series of photographs using her as my amateur model. She was open to the idea. That is how this set of photographs came into existence.

I didn’t have an SLR/DSLR camera with me. I had my Nexus 4 mobile phone. All the photos were taken with the Nexus 4.

As we didn’t have a set (!), we decided to use the office/work space as our set. Some of the photos were taken at outdoor locations as we went out in groups.

I haven’t edited or photo-shopped any of the photos. I have merely made a selection out of many.

If you ask me about my favorite ones in this set, my answer would be: the one with the lipstick (no. 40) and the one in the park (no. 25).

Here is the flickr link to the photos. Hope you enjoy!

Sorry, if you are not able to view the photographs. I had to turn the viewing mode to private.

While my ‘amateur model’ backtracked from her earlier consent of making the series of photographs public, I had no other option but to keep them private. However, I am happy that in the short time that the series was public, it has already been endorsed by Jose Luiz Ruiz, the editor of Noticias de fotografia & moda:

In this edition of the magazine, this series shares space with other magazines like Vogue etc.:

Fashion Photography

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