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An Interview with Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati

In this Cafe Dissensus conversation, Prof. Jagdish Bhagwati speaks to me. He is the University Professor of Law and Economics at Columbia University and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. A renowned expert on international trade, he has served in … Continue reading

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Prof. Amartya Sen, Are the Indians Argumentative Enough?

[This was first published in Cafe Dissensus Everyday.] Some pieces are difficult to write. You know it’s not going to make many people happy. You know there is every chance that people will be offended with your politics. The choice … Continue reading

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Edward Said on the Marginality of the Intellectual

As I read one of Edward Said’s Reith Lectures (“Intellectual Exile: Expatriates and Marginals”) delivered on BBC in June, 1993, on the theme of the representation of the intellectual (later published in a volume, Representations of the Intellectual), I can’t … Continue reading

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