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Short Story: Mehru’s Dream

The dark clouds had been gathering for a while. The nor’wester would strike soon, bringing momentary relief from the heat and humidity. Mehru wiped the sweat off her face with the corner of her sari. The boy on the lap … Continue reading

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Books Review: Ayesha Mattu & Nura Maznavi’s Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, and Intimacy

“In order to be enrolled in sex education, students needed parental permission. Every single student received it, except me. The only brown kid. The only Muslim,” writes Haroon Moghul. Moghul was sent to the library to do a project on … Continue reading

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Imaginary Pathways

When we started on this journey, Neither you nor I did know We have started walking Like the child’s first few baby steps.   Then one day we look back, And we see we have traveled far From what was … Continue reading

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New York City Diary – IV (Aborted Romance)

This morning I came back home early. Right after the morning lecture for which I work as a Teaching Assistant, I decided to head home instead of spending the rest of the day either in the TA office or in … Continue reading

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The First Cigarette

Do you remember when you had your first shot at trying to smoke a cigarette? Most probably, most of us had tried out in school on the sly, during lunch break. Mine was no different. I smoked my first cigarette … Continue reading

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What remains? What makes us remember? Those moments of tenderness…you can call it love. Where you could be what you wanted to be. You dared to be yourself! In those tender moments, saturated with love, it would have been difficult … Continue reading

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