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“Was Benjamin the first suicide bomber?”

Here is an excerpt from Columbia anthropologist, Michael Taussig’s “Walter Benjamin’s Grave”, in which Taussig tries to make sense of Benjamin’s suicide on the French-Spanish border, hounded by the Nazi, and his burial as an allegory, understood better in its … Continue reading

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It rained the day I arrived home!

There is something about coming home! I still remember those three young boys and a girl at the tarmac at Mumbai airport thumping their fists with the triumphant, “We are home!” They had boarded the same Swiss Air flight from … Continue reading

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Under the Penumbra of Violence on Memorial Day Weekend

“The children of Adam are limbs of one another, created from a single substance. When one limb suffers misfortune, the others cannot be at rest. You who do not suffer the pain of others do not deserve to be called … Continue reading

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