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Yakub Memon, A MUSLIM, Was Hanged

As the tamasha of late night court proceedings unfolded, I had a sense of déjà vu. A blood-thirsty nation would have to be satisfied. Yakub Memon must be hanged. He was a conspirator during the Bombay Blasts. He had taken … Continue reading

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The Aam Aadmi in Indian General Elections 2014

[First published in Cafe Dissensus.] On 5 February, 2010, Rahul Gandhi visited Mumbai and traveled in a local train. A newspaper reported, “He boarded a fast local at Andheri at 1pm to Dadar and walked across the foot overbridge to come … Continue reading

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Documentary: Muzaffarnagar Bleeds: A Reenactment of Gujarat Riots, 2002

[First published in Cafe Dissensus Everyday.] On 29 November, 2013, the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) released a documentary on the Muzaffarnagar riots, unleashed between 7 and 9 September, 2013. The IAMC produced and presented the documentary titled, Muzaffarnagar Bleeds: A … Continue reading

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A Letter to Mr. Chetan Bhagat

Dear Mr. Chetan Bhagat, I have been meaning to write this since yesterday, when I read your well-intentioned letter. But as you might know, we academics are a little slow to get off the block. Sometimes it’s our inertia; at other … Continue reading

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Nafisa and Hyderabad: The Social Activist and the City

Twelve years is a long time in the life of a city, especially if it happens to be the second most important software hub in a developing country. Between the times I left Hyderabad in 2000 and 2011, when I … Continue reading

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A Letter to Balasaheb Thackeray

Dear Swargiya Balasaheb, Pranaam! You might think I am trying to make a career out of the death of our celebrities and other such events. It is certainly true that footfalls on my blog significantly increase whenever I write on … Continue reading

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The Naipaul-Karnad Controversy: Crisis of Indian Liberalism?

[This article has been published in Asia Times Online in a slightly modified form on 17 Nov, 2012. You will find the piece here: “Indian Liberalism has a Rough Week.” And strangely, after almost about a month and a half, … Continue reading

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